Unwanted body hair can be easily removed using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment from Hannah's IPL & Laser Clinic.

IPL treatment has become a vastly preferred alternative to shaving or waxing, which can be painful or leave irritation, and offer only temporary solutions at best.

Excess hair may also be the result of medical conditions, but the pressure to remove it may be cosmetic. Cultural norms and peer group pressure often require the removal of hair in certain regions such as the face, axillae (armpits), legs and bikini line for women and the chest and back for men.

We use the latest technology that is suitable for most skin types and all areas of the face and body.

At least 6-8 treatments are needed to get the best results and the intervals between treatments are typically 1-3 months so please get in touch with Hannah's IPL & Laser Clinic to book your free consultation, and subject to our mandatory patch test, you could being removing those unwanted patches of hair in a just a couple of days from now.
IPL Treatment - Safe, Effective and Affordable but how does it work?

To achieve long lasting hair reduction, it is necessary to destroy the hair follicle from which individual hairs grow. Well controlled pulses of light penetrate the upper skin layer and are absorbed by one of the body’s own natural chemicals – melanin – in the hair contained in the follicle.

Melanin converts the light energy into heat. This heat is transferred to the hair follicle, which is destroyed, making it unable to produce a new hair. The treatment is only effective on growing hairs as these are still attached to the follicle. The majority of our hair is in the resting phase which explains why more than one treatment is necessary. This technique is called “Selective Photothermolysis”.

Hair grows in three different cycles and long lasting Hair Reduction can only successfully treat hair during its growth stage. Therefore it is often necessary to undergo a course of at least 6-8 treatments ensuring that you leave at least 1-3 months between each session initially, and then only repeat as and when the hair returns.

So what happens immediately after hair removal treatment? Hair still appears to be growing but it detaches itself from the hair folicle.

Hannah's IPL and Laser Clinic operate only the latest technology and use the AW3 Flash 1 Plus from Allwhite Laser AW3®