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Cryotherapy (also known as Cryosurgery) is a safe and highly effective method of freezing and removing benign skin lesions such as solar lentigines (sunspots, liverspots etc), seborrheic keratosis and warts/verrucas.

It uses highly pressured liquid nitrous oxide to destroy the tissue quickly and with little pain or stinging. This advanced procedure does not require anaesthetic and is a convenient choice for clients due to minimal aftercare.

Cryosurgical treatment has been established to be extremely safe. This is because it directly treats the affected area without touching the healthy surrounding tissue.

Please note I am unable to remove warts or pigmentations around the lips, this area is not considered safe for treatment.

As a certified professional, I believe in using only the best technology available and am happy to offer any advice and reassurance you need.

Hannah Recommends

Laser Treatment

AW3® Laser Treatment - Safe, Effective and Affordable.

Using the AW3® Flash Ink Laser machine, I can safely and effectively remove tattoos, permanent make up, and skin pigmentation such as Nevus of Ota, age spots, sunspots and birthmarks. I can also offer skin rejuvenation techniques such as the Carbon Laser Facials and hair removal.

When shooting the Laser at the treated area, the pigment particles absorb the light energy and explode rapidly, bursting into tiny pieces, thus diminishing the colour density to get rid of tattoo and skin pigments.

Scarring is the thing of the past- AW3® ND Yag stone Q Switched technology minimises the risk of scarring because the surrounding skin doesn’t overheat and there is no lasting damage. This technology is considered to be virtually pain free, this does of course depend on the individual but most people feel a mild irritation at worst and the majority describe it is a painless experience.

I am a certified AW3® professional and operate only the latest technology. I use the AW3® Flash Ink, an industry leading product favoured by leading Tattoo experts such as Jay Hutton.

Hannah Recommends

IPL Treatment

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a cosmetic skin treatment. It is most commonly used to reduce the signs of aging such as wrinkles and thread veins. It is my preferred treatment method for reducing Acne and other uses include reducing the appearance of scars, lightening darker patches of skin, and improving the appearance of spider veins.

IPL works in a similar way to laser therapy. The difference is that where laser therapy delivers a single wavelength of light energy, IPL delivers multiple wavelengths. This means that IPL can treat a larger area of skin in a shorter time than laser therapy. Using a handheld device, I can target multiple wavelengths of light onto the skin. This light heats cells in the skin and breaks them down. The body then removes the damaged tissue naturally and there is no lasting damage.

The length and number of sessions needed will depend on each individual’s treatment plan. It is worth noting that it can take anything up to several weeks to notice the results of IPL treatment.

I am a certified AW3® professional and operate only the latest technology, IPL treatment is carried out using the AW3® Flash 1 Plus system.

About My Clinic

Hannah's IPL & Laser clinic is located in Broadstairs, Kent CT10 with parking & refreshments available. You will be given the full address once your booking is confirmed.

My aim is to restore your natural beauty and your confidence through the use of the most advanced equipment and products available. Let me help you achieve the skin you have always deserved.

Be assured that from the moment you book your free consultation with me, you will be treated to professional service from a caring, friendly clinician who is fully insured with a clean, comfortable clinic where you can feel totally relaxed.

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